Can’t make WOW? Watch at home…

Hi all!

We want WOW Festival to be truly an international festival – UK wide and worldwide. For this reason we will be live streaming events from the festival.

Here in the New Media Team we’ve been working on WOW since back in November. The digital part of WOW basically involves organising everything online, from Facebook and twitter, to tweet meets and teams of bloggers.

We started out with aim of creating an online community for WOW and (I hope!) we have managed to achieve this. The main thing for us was to have a great Facebook page specifically for WOW so as to create an extension of the festival online. A place for debate, discussion and information. We’ve hit 1000 followers on International Women’s Day, which seems rather well timed.

So here’s a list of all things digital that we’ll be doing throughout the festival weekend:

Twitter – we’ll be tweeting from out @southbankcentre account using #WOW2012

Facebook – we’ll be updating both the Southbank Centre Facebook and our WOW facebook fan pages

Andriod and iphone app – we have created a conference app so that you have easy access to programme information, facebook, blogs and twitter.

Audio Recordings – we’ll be recording some of the talks and putting them on this blog. More details to come.

Live Streaming – you can watch these events live on the WOW microsite:


Battering Down the door – Starts at 14:15

Eve Ensler – Starts at 18:00


It is rocket science – Starts at 12:00

Funny Women – Starts at 16:30


Ironing it out – Starts at 10:30

Women and Criminal justice system – Starts at 12:00

Tea with the Lady – Starts at 13:30

Mary Whitehouse – Starts at 15:00

…and of course blogging! We’ve got a team of six bloggers and lots of young people (the WOWsas) who will be blogging during the festival. Watch this space…



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