In Conversation with jewellery artist: Manolo



It was a lovely and pleasant day for an interview with an amazing and talented artist Manolo (Manolo’s real name is Marta Chojnacka). We met at the Tate Modern Art Gallery and decided to chill out on a balcony with a stunning view over the Thames River. It’s always been my pleasure to interview artists. I find them extremely fascinating and interesting. Their way of thinking seems to be coming from a place that is unknown to us.

I’ve first met Manolo at the Women of the World Festival at the Southbank Centre. I was blown away by her creativity and talent.After the festival I was keen on talking to Manolo again and asking her few questions regarding her art work. Marta received MA in Painting and Drawing from University of Warmia and Mazury in Poland. She currently lives in London where she works and creates her amazing jewellery.

Maggie: Marta tell me all about your art work, when did you start and what was behind your inspiration?

Manolo: I’ve started few years ago after discovering a very interesting method called laser cut. I’ve been making jewellery using my own drawings as a template for the laser cut. I was always fascinated and inspired by Pedro Almodovar’s ( Spanish film director) female characters. In my view his women represent a complete picture of the female; a woman full of drama,gossiping and drinking red wine.They are real and truthful to what and who they are.I’m also inspired by a French painter and illustrator Henrie de Toulouse-Lautrec. He was masterly at capturing crowd scene in which the figures,especially females, were highly individualized.

Maggie: Why did you choose the name Manolo?

Manolo: It’s simple name, I wanted a memorable one. The name that would stay in people’s mind for awhile.

Maggie: What is so special about your little creations?

Manolo: I love making females and males characters. Each and every piece has its own story to tell, for example: Francesca -gold and walnut brooch;her father was a diamond and gold mining entrepreneur. She likes luxury,truffles and champagne.My customers like to identify themselves with jewellery they are interested in purchasing.As far as I’m concerned they are satisfied with brooches they have bought.


Maggie: Apart from making brooches you have been keen on creating earring and necklaces.

Manolo: Yes, I have got customers who are not only interested in buying brooches but also in having different type of jewellery such as earrings or necklaces.Ladies seem to like it.I am really grateful for their positive feedback and encouragement.

Maggie: You are a professional painter, have you ever considered a career as the painter?

Manolo: Yes, one day for sure. It’s my passion so it will never go away. I am very much into making my jewellery at the moment.

Maggie: I wish you all the best and looking forward to your new collection.

Manolo: Thank you very much it should be out soon.

If you wanted to see all of Manolo’s collection take a look at her website, or find her work on etsy, Urban Designs or Vanilla Ink Studios.

Written and interviewed by Maggie Gogler, lead blogger for View of the Arts.